World Shale Resources Map, 2012 Edition

World Shale Resources Map
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In recent years shale has taken the spotlight as the fuel likely to dominate energy production & consumption in the future. With its global distribution, shale has the potential to transform international energy trading dynamics and even alter the global political and economic landscapes.

Platts new World Shale Resources, 2012 edition wall map presents the primary resources of the emerging global shale industry in striking detail and vivid color. Nearly 80 shale plays in N. America, Australia, India, Europe and Central Asia are shown as well as more than 130 shale basins around the world..

Map Content

  • Shale plays and basins around the globe
  • Energy production and consumption
  • LNG terminals
  • Oil refineries and major oil ports.
  • Generalized LNG & oil shipping routes
  • Major crude pipelines
  • Infrastructure with implications on gas & oil pricing, processing, and distribution
  • Geographic reference

Supplementary charts and graphs representing key shale and natural gas related statistics

  • World Natural Gas Reserves by Geographic Region
  • Technically Recoverable Shale Gas Resources by Continent
  • Change in World Natural Gas Production by Region
  • Conventional versus Unconventional Natural Gas Production in the US, China and Canada
  • World Natural Gas Consumption, 2008-2035
  • World Natural Gas Overview (consumption, exports, imports & production) by continent

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