Platts Wellscape Site dB

Platts Wellscape Site dB is developed exclusively for customers with intense and sophisticated data needs. It provides the complete Platts RigData database of permit and location data for the entire U.S. Updated and delivered on a daily basis guarantees you will have the most up-to-date information possible. The data can be setup to automatically feed your CRM system. From there, your sales team can access and qualify their leads, document their activity and drive your sales efforts.

Platts Wellscape Site dB features:

  • Relational data feed of US drilling permit and location information
  • Complete Operator contact information
  • Enterprise-based solution
  • Updated daily and available via web services, FTP or TXT file format
  • Easily integrated into your CRM or ERP/business process management software

Why S&P Global Platts?

As an independent commodity price and news provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark commodity prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor their commodity market, and achieve full transparency around transactions. Platts makes no representation or warranty as to the results to be obtained by market participants who elect to use Platts' prices and indices as the basis for transactions.

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