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Platts Bentek Pipeline Market Tracker

New rate structures are having an impact on basis differentials along major natural gas flow corridors and capacity utilization on older long haul pipelines. As these rate structures continue to change, certain pipelines can become potentially game-changing and important to monitor due to their economic potential.

Platts Bentek Pipeline Market Tracker is a quarterly report that analyzes individual pipelines by the major factors impacting overall performance. The report includes utilization data at key pipeline throughput locations, quarterly rate-of-return calculations, contracting risk measurements, a regulatory tracking calendar and related metrics to help pipelines, shippers and other industry players monitor operational and rate risk. Each edition also features a selection of large capacity pipelines and includes background information and key operational indicators for each. Any pipeline currently undergoing regulatory rate-related actions is included in this report.


  • Platts Bentek Pipeline Market Tracker Highlights
    • Platts Bentek PMT by Pipeline
    • Platts Bentek PMT by Shipper
    • PMT Summary Totals


  • Pipeline contracting metrics
  • Pipeline throughput metrics
  • Top shippers in the U.S. with number of contracts active in the current quarter
  • Largest holders of pipeline transportation in the U.S.
  • Largest holders of firm storage in the U.S.
  • Individual pipeline analysis on 28 individual pipelines including total deliveries, receipts by state, key pricing spreads, upcoming expirations and the top 10 capacity holders
  • Annual updates on the Platts Bentek Return on Equity calculations
  • Quarterly highlights of U.S. pipelines and their key metrics
  • Associated data filed detailing capacity by shipper
  • Associated data file detailing capacity by pipeline


  • Identify investment or business opportunities with pipeline performance measured on four categories including; financial (return on equity), re-contracting risk, pipeline throughput, and spot market price spreads minus variable costs (net spreads)
  • Stay ahead of the competition with detailed pipeline performance analysis to help identify the possibility of future rate cases or settlements
  • Save the time-consuming effort of compiling this data from multiple locations
  • Make confident business decisions knowing you have access to the same data used by S&P Global Platts analysts when analyzing U.S. pipelines

Why S&P Global Platts?

As an independent commodity price and news provider with robust methodologies, our benchmark commodity prices have become the common language participants use to write contracts, monitor their commodity market, and achieve full transparency around transactions. Platts makes no representation or warranty as to the results to be obtained by market participants who elect to use Platts' prices and indices as the basis for transactions.

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