Market Data - Biofuels

Platts Market Data-Biofuels is the most efficient and reliable way to receive access to all the latest biofuels price assessments.

This service provides you with access to our critical end-of-day assessments, corrections and third-party data.


  • Platts Market Data - Biofuels gives you quick and easy access to the latest global price assessments for ethanol, biodiesel, MTBE, ETBE and RINs.
  • By identify trading patterns for ethanol, MTBE and ETBE it enables you to assist you with understanding future price trends.
  • Market data feeds can be set up with ease to feed into your proprietary financial models reducing the risk of a front, mid and back office disconnection.
  • Access to market data gives you the confidence to satisfy the regulators and compliance teams by providing independent data direct from source.
  • Provides access to critical end-of-day assessments for ethanol, biodiesel, and ETBE, equipping you with the tools you need to stay ahead.
  • Provides unbiased price assessments to biofuels professionals to support short and long-term action and analysis.
  • Enables market participants, from producer to consumer, to conduct business with confidence and efficiency.


With Platts Market Data - Biofuels, you will receive:

  • Platts' industry-standard benchmark assessments in data-point format.
  • Access to Platts' end-of-day assessments, corrections and third-party data, for all the key biofuel assessments.
  • Access to all global biofuel price assessments, though a rolling 45-day historical database.
  • All the biofuel numbers and price assessments associated with Platts' coverage.
  • Two biofuel market data categories, comprising over 100 specific assessments.
  • Consolidated information from Platts Petrochemical Alert, Platts Global Alert and other Platt's market reports and market data categories.

Platts Market Data - Biofuels includes all the price data available in Platts Biofuels Alert in a data-point format for easy import and analysis. This is the most efficient, most reliable way to receive our industry-standard benchmark assessments.

Platts Market Data - Biofuels covers all the main biofuel markets worldwide, with over 100 Platts' price assessments published daily for the most commonly traded grades and locations, grouped into three main geographical regions:

  • Americas: Ethanol, Ethanol Swaps, Biodiesel, RINs, and MTBE
  • Europe: ETBE, MTBE, Ethanol, Biodiesel
  • Asia: Bioethanol, Biodiesel, MTBE

Platts Market Data - Biofuels provides you with end-of-day assessments, third-party data, and a rolling 45-day historical database for key assessments. Complete and custom historical data sets are also available.

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Platts Market Data files can be accessed, downloaded and integrated directly into your proprietary systems:

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