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Marine Credit Analysis

Shipping markets are under pressure; environmental regulations are coming; low demand and an oversupply of vessels is creating weak freight rates, causing several high-profile failures and a much larger number of smaller casualties.

Shipping industry professionals can arm themselves against these risks by closely vetting their potential counterparties and evaluating individual business opportunities.

How? From basic Know Your Customer (KYC) data to enhanced credit reports. In the low-disclosure shipping environment, carrying out due diligence not only helps mitigate the risks inherent in the market, but also gives participants an informational edge over competitors who may exercise less care. It must therefore be seen as an essential component of all transactions.

Platts Ocean Intelligence - is the go-to source of credit and due diligence reports for companies in the shipping and bunker sectors. Our reports help you to make informed business decisions in the high-cost, high-risk maritime world. We bring transparency to a low disclosure environment, delivering up-to-the-minute information, unbiased analysis, credit references and recommendations to support your counterparty due diligence and business decisions.

  • Database of over 7,500 existing company credit reports.
  • Order reports on new companies, or updates to existing reports.
  • Available as a subscription service, or as individual reports.

Platts Ocean Intelligence can help:

  • Fuel Suppliers: the actionable information you need for all your KYC and credit risk decisions in a high-risk business.
  • Fuel Buyers: Mitigate risk exposure by knowing the financial health and reliability of your suppliers.
  • Bunker Traders: Spot emerging opportunities and track potential changes to identify favorable trading conditions. Understand wider market influences that affect sector conditions, fuel and freight prices to increase profit.
  • Shipowners: Manage exposure risk by knowing the performance record and financial health of charterers.
  • Charterers: Minimize risk by assessing valuable insight into the financial health and fleet information on ship owners.
  • Financial Analysts (Marine Credit Insurance): KYC – manage and monitor your customer credit portfolio by having the information you need on both the companies you are providing insurance to as well as the counterparties you are providing insurance on.

Report contents:

  • Corporate and management information
  • Discussion of operations (Ownership, management, history, activities, news, market context)
  • Financial situation
  • References (From supplies and other counterparties)
  • Appraisal (Conclusions)
  • Credit score
  • Fleet list (if relevant)

Additional products and tools:

  • Credit Assessment Model (CAM)
    • Manage and monitor your customer credit portfolio on ongoing basis
    • Blend an array of different credit scores from several sources using various benchmarks into a single score
    • Pre-qualify for potential counterparties' creditworthiness
    • Maintain an audit trail - allowing review of the basis for past decisions
    • Track trends on credit scores and identify sudden changes

Standard Delivery
Platts Ocean Intelligence is available via an online database and also available as a PDF download.

For more information on Platts Ocean Intelligence, please visit the product website.

Risk within the shipping industry – who can you trust? Download our latest report to read more about the wide-reaching consequences and what you can do to manage these risks.

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