Map Data Pro

A geographic information system layer service that is designed specifically for GIS professionals, Platts Map Data Pro is the only GIS data that offers North American commodity spatial views that are enhanced by Bentek Energy analytics.

Delivered by FTP, Platts Map Data Pro is available in five data packages:

  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Electric Power
  • NGLs and Refined Products
  • All Commodities

Data is compatible with commercial and open-source GIS applications.

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A great complement to other energy market fundamental data and applications, Platts Map Data Pro enables you to conveniently upload, view, analyze, modify, and print GIS layer data using in-house geospatial applications such as Esri, MapInfo or Google Earth.

Each Platts Map Data Pro commodity package contains key data necessary to understand fundamental aspects of energy markets. Spatial views and supporting data from Platts Map Data Pro assist energy producers, traders and consumers with infrastructure siting, competitive analysis, mergers and acquisitions research, asset valuations and strategic planning.

Map Data Pro Benefits

  • Flexible information design enables you to maintain complete control over the data layers: visualize, analyze, change and print
  • Easy integration allows you to upload GIS layers into the mapping application of your choice – including Esri, MapInfo or Google Earth – to display the data
  • Intuitive user interface includes a key, plus supporting layers that assists you in accurately plotting projects, generating proposals or reviewing proposed projects in the energy space

Nearly two decades of data enhancement result in quality and accurate spatial information gathered by Platts GIS researchers from a variety of sources, including Platts editors, Bentek analysts, and many proprietary sources.

The researchers supplement this information with Federal government data from the US Department of Energy (DOE), Energy Information Administration (EIA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) financial filings.

The result is a GIS layer service that’s informed by editors and analysts who know the commodity markets, as well as GIS specialists who are knowledgeable in their respective energy spaces. Map Data Pro includes:

  • Nearly 60 different GIS data sets – including pipelines, refineries, power plants, and substations – that cover North America commodity markets
  • Comprehensive research; both by an analytics team that knows energy markets and by GIS researchers who are well-informed in their respective energy spaces
  • Essential quarterly updates providing the most up-to-date information
  • Tabular data that extends beyond locations to cover important operational information such as ownership, capacity, voltage, pipeline diameters and development status
  • Quarterly updates that keep you informed about industry changes

Map Data Pro includes relevant layers for each commodity:

Click on the any layer below for more information:

Electric PowerNatural GasNGLCrude Oil
Power PlantsPipelinesNGL and Refined Product PipelinesCrude Pipelines
SubstationsCompressor StationsSteam CrackersOil Pipelines
Transmission LinesReceipt/Delivery PointsDehydrogenation FacilitiesOil Ports
ISO Nodal Pricing PointsGas HubsFractionatorsCrude Rail & Barge Terminals
Electric IOU Service TerritoriesLNG Import/Export TerminalsImport/Export FacilitiesOil Refineries
Electric Non-IOU Service TerritoriesStorage FacilitiesProcessing PlantsCrude Production Regions
ISO Zones and RTOsProduction RegionsProcessing PlantsGlobal Price Assessment Locations
NERC Regions and Sub-regionsShale Plays
Coal RegionsProcessing Plants
Coal MinesLocal Distribution Companies
Coal Docks
Electric Control Areas
Generating Units
Megawatt Daily Pricing

Delivered via FTP, Platts Map Data Pro is an annual GIS data subscription with quarterly data updates. Multi-year subscriptions are available at a discounted rate.

Packages are offered by commodity, with the option of purchasing all commodities for a special, bundled price. North America commodity packages include:

  • Crude Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Electric Power
  • NGLs and Refined Products
  • All Commodities

Each license covers five users, with enterprise licenses available.

Please contact your Platts sales representative or to get started. We will make sure that your staff has access to the data it needs, in a configuration that makes sense for your business.

Ask Us About Data Samples
Our geospatial team is happy to generate data samples upon request. Let us know your general area of interest and we will send you a sample of a limited area. To explore our GIS data, please contact your Platts representative or

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