Quantitatively Derived Forward Curves

Platts M2M-Benzene meets the requirements of energy risk managers and traders for independent and transparently produced forward price assessments (24-month, delivered daily).

Designed to help you manage energy price risk, M2M-Benzene provides market-based forward curves and supporting analytical data for the key benzene trading hubs, Asia (FOB Korea), North America (FOB USG) and Europe (CIF ARA).

Platts M2M-Benzene is the petrochemical industry’s only quantitative model incorporating Platts editorial market knowledge of observable price relationships and extensive database of historical prices. Our M2M-Benzene forward prices, delivered to you daily, give you a unique insight into today’s price for contract delivery six, 12, 18… up to 24 months forward.


Platts M2M-Benzene enables clear, informed valuations for better investment and trading decisions. Emphasize your commitment to efficient risk management by using the checks and balances of a Platts independent, third-party solution. With it, you can:

  • Mark-to-market and calculate P&L for your portfolios with confidence
  • Calculate value-at-risk (VaR) earnings-at-risk (EaR), cash-flow-at-risk (CFaR), or other daily risk management measurement and reporting functions
  • Model prices, calculate the current value of derivative instruments, forecast trends, and better evaluate physical and financial assets
  • Validate internally-generated forward curves
  • Perform key portfolio risk management functions around risk disaggregation and decomposition, stress testing and scenario building
  • Measure counterparty risk and manage collateral with unbiased inputs
  • Optimize strategic assets, mergers and acquisitions and infrastructure investment decisions
  • Resolve legal or contractual disputes through the provision of standardized and industry-adopted independent valuations, based on a transparent methodology

M2M-Benzene extends PFC-Petchems editorially observed and assessed benzene forward curves with modeled forward curve data that is built using Platts extensive database of historical market prices and editorial market knowledge.

Quantitatively derived 24-month forward price assessments provide regional daily coverage of markets in key benzene trading hubs – Asia (FOB Korea), North America (FOB USG) and Europe (CIF ARA).

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Platts M2M-Benzene forward curves are available as add-on purchases for customers who subscribe to Platts PFC-Petchems Asia, Europe or North America. Contact support@platts.com to get started. We will work with you to ensure that your staff has access to the data it needs, distributed in a way that meets your specific needs.

Basic Delivery

Platts M2M-Benzene is delivered via FTP and/or e-mail. The files are also available with your subscription at www.platts.com.

Delivery Partners

Platts partners play a critical role in helping your company succeed. We've struck cooperative partnerships with the world's foremost data delivery and analysis companies to help you leverage the information we provide and extend its value throughout your organization. Please contact us to find out if you can access Platts M2M-Benzene through your existing vendor's delivery platform.

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