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The premier source for global marine fuel pricing

Marine fuels are at the center of strategic decisions to keep shipping costs at a minimum in order to create business advantages.

Platts Bunkerworld is an online service that provides extensive, granular coverage of the global marine fuels market, directly connecting supply, procurement and operations teams with fuel prices on the ground. This service provides quality real-time data and insight, gathered by our market specialists, who are in touch with over 350 ports daily, as well as S&P Global Platts price assessments, indicative prices at port level and the latest market-moving news.

Platts Bunkerworld provides historical data, current price assessments and indicative prices at port level for a clear view of the most competitive rates, allowing you to stay fully connected throughout the entire fuel supply chain.

Platts Bunkerworld can help:

  • Bunker Procurement/Fleet Managers: Leverage market movements to optimize fuel procurement and hedging strategies. Protect anticipated margins by identifying preferable bunkering schedules, ship supply and port prices.
  • Traders/brokers: Access real-time pricing bids, offers and tenders on key port locations to leverage the most profitable deals. Analyze fuel supply trends and prices across 350+ port locations to spot trading opportunities ahead of the market.
  • Transport/Logistics/Purchasing Managers: Access global news and insights into market developments, regulation and legislation changes that impact your profit margins. Import data straight into your models and databases to support your business decisions. Negotiate bunker adjustment factor (BAF) rate contracts and deals more confidently using transparent end of day pricing methodology and assessments as a benchmark.


  • Weighted daily index (Bunkerworld Index) made up of 20 key bunkering ports and fuel grades – the index represents the fundamentals for bunker fuel market price changes giving you a view to market movements without the need to analyze individual port price shifts
  • An informative directory of bunker suppliers, traders and brokers (over 3,000 personnel contact details) -, enabling you to create your own personal directory, as well as a community area containing blogs and classified advertisements posted by, and for, industry participants
  • Prices are accompanied by indices for bunker fuel grades and quality, fundamentals and company information
  • The latest market-moving stories and key legislative and regulatory news impacting the bunker sector
  • Graphing tools to compare historical port price indications and fuel trends


  • Platts price assessments for 63 major ports
  • Real-time pricing bids, offers and tenders on key port locations
  • Daily indicative pricing for over 280 additional ports by fuel grade: Intermediate fuel oil (IFO) 380 CST and 180 CST; Marine diesel oil; Marine gas oil; Low sulphur marine gas oil
  • 45 days of historical data downloads
  • Data on sulphur, water and sediment content of bunkers

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