Agriculture Alert

Platts Agriculture Alert is an online real-time pricing and news service for the sugar and grains markets. PAA allows you to view all Platts’ sugar and grains information on a simple interface allowing you to quickly spot opportunities in the market and react accordingly in order to maximize profitability.

What makes Platts Agriculture Alert unique?

All Platts’ prices are supported by an independent and robust methodology giving you more confidence when entering into negotiations with your counterparty. What’s more the easy-to-use online interface can be interrogated and digested in moments, freeing up your time to act on any newly-identified trends or patterns.

What are the key features and how will I benefit?

Basic Service:

  • Daily spot and futures prices: Negotiate confidently on spot deals with your counterparties with access to an independent and impartial set of reference prices
  • Daily news: Gain a rounded picture of market activity to support your investment decisions
  • Reported bids, offers and trades: Get more than a sense of where the market is trading on a particular day so that you can benchmark your own data against that of Platts
  • Assessment rationales: Gain an additional level of confidence with the knowledge of how we arrived at a particular price before you approach your counterparty or enter it into your models
  • Monthly averages: A ready-made average for you to use in your term deals with your counterparty

Who needs this product?

Whether you are a risk manager, research analyst, trader or broker, the transparency and efficiency that this service brings can benefit anyone active in the sugar and grains market on a daily basis.

Platts Agriculture Alert provides close to 40 global sugar prices, for the most commonly traded grades and locations, and some of the key grains prices for today’s Black Sea, Asia and US market including:


  • Brazil
  • Thailand
  • Europe
  • Russia
  • India


  • Russian Wheat
  • Turkish Wheat
  • Ukrainian Corn
  • Australian Wheat
  • US Corn
  • Korean Corn
  • Dried Distiller Grains(DDGs)

What are the packaging options?

  1. The basic service is available standalone via Platts website or one of our channel partners
  2. Optional Historical data (add-on): Minimize risk on your exposure through monitoring of historical trends and identification of future trading patterns
  3. Optional Access to reports (add-on): Want some colour around the prices you receive? You can access our sugar and grains reports within the tool to learn the ‘why’ behind any price/market shifts

Start using the service today

Please contact to arrange a either a demonstration of the product and/or your 30 day free trial.

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