S&P Global Platts announces customized Jet Fuel service

Launch of Jet Barges on eWindow in July

London - May 30, 2018

S&P Global Platts, the leading independent provider of information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets, announced enhancements to its Jet offering to coincide with the IATA conference. The Platts Jet Fuel Service is now available to all market participants following a successful initial release to existing customers. In addition, Platts will launch the eWindow online data-entry and communications tool to Jet Barge market participants in July.

Following a successful roll-out to over 60 existing customers over the past year, including some of the world’s largest airlines, suppliers and distributors, the Platts Jet Fuel Service is now available to the wider jet market. The service allows jet market participants to understand price in the global jet fuel markets, seamlessly integrated alongside the latest Platts jet news and analysis. Created in a personalized digital delivery environment, the Platts Jet Fuel Service allows easy access to curated jet content to help users quickly find exactly what they need.

Stuart Wood, vice president, product development, said: “Our customizable service is tailored to meet the workflow needs of jet customers and incorporates extensive feedback which enables us to deliver new value as airlines look to improve their procurement processes, manage costs and ultimately save money”.

Jet Barges on eWindow

S&P Global Platts will launch its eWindow online data-entry and communications tool to jet barge market participants in July. The S&P Global Platts eWindow offering brings greater speed, transparency, and efficiency to the Platts MOC price assessment process. The tool’s compatibility with ICE technology allows eWindow users to execute trades on the ICE platform without leaving the Platts MOC price assessment process and environment. Jet physical cargoes and derivative instruments already exist on eWindow and are actively used daily by market participants. Platts price assessors will continue to take information from jet market participants in the Platts MOC price assessment process from other communication channels including telephone, email and instant messenger.

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