S&P Global Platts launches Market Masters oil trading game

LONDON - February 19, 2018

S&P Global Platts, the leading independent provider of information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets, today announced that it launched the Market Masters commodities trading game. Intended for entertainment and instruction, the oil market game allows players to navigate a simulation of a fast-changing market and turn market events to their advantage as they compete to maximize virtual profit and top the global leaderboard. Although designed to simulate commodities trading, players are not engaging in actual trading.

Inspired by real-world market dynamics, the S&P Global Platts Market Masters game responds to shifts in simulated supply and demand. To make a virtual profit in the game, players need to work out whether the price will rise or fall. If they think the price will rise then they will go ‘long’, buying while the price is low and sell for a profit when the price peaks – or the opposite. This all takes place within an imaginary trading period of one year which has been condensed into a few hectic minutes that include extreme price movements during periods of high volatility.

Zoe Mol, head of marketing, S&P Global Platts said: “To coincide with IP Week, we are pleased to launch our first commodities trading game and use the power of competition to engage our customers and other participants across the global commodities and energy markets in this simulation. It plays a serious role to help build the S&P Global Platts brand while also showcasing the benefits of our insights in a fun and engaging digital environment.”

S&P Global Platts Market Masters game builds on the premise that trading decisions are worth simulating first. Traders know that information alone is not enough. The right tools and analytics can help make the difference between the right or wrong trading decision. During a Market Masters game session, users at all levels play within a gamified oil simulation trading environment, using synthetic data based on real life impact scenarios. Players can see the value of Platts products and the weight they could bear on making the right choices when trading, faced with various levels of market conditions and events. Players are able to challenge each other to achieve bragging rights on the leaderboard.

Core elements of the game include:

  • Platts Analytical Insights – demand, supply and volatility insights. When activated, basic % stats on global supply and demand will allow the player to assess future price movements and react to extreme and fast paced volatility confidently.

  • Platts Trade Flow Insights - are shown in a contextual style information format rather than statistics. The player will see a 'ship icon' coming down the pipeline to denote a trade flow story about to unfold.

  • Platts Real-time News and Market Alerts based on simulated news from Platts Global Alert service, major market events are shown coming down the pipeline impacting demand, supply and volatility. A leverage option is also available for the player to trade big.

S&P Global Platts has a long history driving technological evolution across commodity and energy markets. The division was the first commodity news organization to harness satellite transmission of oil prices in real time in the 1980s. It was present at the inception of electronic solutions for commodity trading, which have evolved as many global markets have embraced the eWindow online communications tool that brings greater speed, transparency and efficiency to the Market on Close price assessment process.

Javier Garcia, Creative Director, Miura said: "Gaming is a rapidly emerging channel for global brands looking to connect with customers in new and more engaging ways. It was a pleasure working with the S&P Global Platts team to develop Market Masters and showcase the value of their insights to the energy community”.

S&P Global Platts Market Masters game can be downloaded from the Apple and Android App stores free of charge from www.plattsinsight.com/marketmasters.

S&P Global Platts launches Market Masters oil trading game

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