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Feature: OPEC Guide

June 19, 2018
The S&P Global Platts OPEC Influencers interactive chart is designed to illustrate how various players drive prices through their actions and words. Arrange the characters on the chart in order of importance into price 'hawks' and 'doves'. The most influential figure on each side should fill the final box in the center.
OPEC Influencers interactive chart
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OPEC crude oil output and production vs. cut allocations
OPEC crude oil output and production vs. cut allocations
Since 1988, S&P Global Platts has published a monthly survey tracking OPEC crude oil production by country. The estimates are obtained through a review of proprietary shipping data, news reportage and surveys of knowledgeable sources.

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The Barrel Blog

June 27, 2018
In June 2008, S&P Global Platts launched the world's first daily iron ore price assessment, IODEX, from its Singapore office. Over the next two years, this price would gradually replace the old benchmark as more companies opted to price their physical iron ore using modern market-tracking techniques.
June 22, 2018
If electric vehicles, which rely wholly or partly on electricity stored in batteries as their source of energy, revolutionize road transport in the way many expect, demand for lithium will rise exponentially. China will be at the forefront of this.
June 21, 2018
Steel consumers and producers in the US are duking it out. The battle is mostly under the radar and in the back rooms and alleys surrounding the Trump administration’s chaotic trade policy.
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What's in store for global polyethylene and polypropylene out to 2027?
Worldwide polyethylene capacity is seen to grow from 108.3 million mt in 2016 to 150 million mt by 2027, with around 10 million mt of speculative capacity included into our forecasts post 2024. Platts Analytics expects production to grow from 93 million mt in 2016 to 133.6 million mt by 2027.


Washington and West Texas on the minds of OPEC ministers in Vienna
June 25, 2018
- Capitol Crude discusses how decisions made in Washington and West Texas were a huge topic at the OPEC International Seminar, especially sanctions against Iran and Venezuela, and US-China trade tensions.
Younger generation of shipping executives reconsider scrubbers ahead of IMO 2020
June 20, 2018
- Among shipowners looking at how to cope with tighter marine fuels sulfur limits in 2020, the use of scrubbers to clean their emissions on board has been seen as a niche solution for the past few years. We look at how and why scrubbers might be becoming more popular.
Russian 12.5% protein wheat: New harvest pressure weighs on FOB deep water port prices
June 19, 2018
- Russian 12.5% protein wheat FOB deep water port prices have come under pressure from the imminent arrival of the new crop. Hot and dry weather have raised concerns over new crop production levels and the volume of higher protein wheat.
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M2M-NGL Forward Curves

Published February 2016

The M2M-NGL Forward Curves guide describes the methodology used to compute the M2M NGL. Platts "Quantitative Forward Curves" QFC are developed incorporating Platts' editorial market knowledge, Platts' extensive database of historical price assessments and Platts Analytics expertise.

M2M-NGL Forward Curves

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