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Washington (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 1232 pm EDT/1632 GMT
The US Department of State has approved a permit allowing TransCanada's stalled Keystone XL oil pipeline to cross the US-Canada border, the first step in a still-lengthy process to build the Alberta-to-Nebraska project.
London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 921 am EDT/1321 GMT
The world's largest independent oil trader, Vitol', oil trading volumes climbed to record highs in 2016, with a particularly sharp jump in gasoline and gasoil sales, but revenues still fell due to a lower average oil price, it said Friday.
Singapore (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 1129 pm EDT/329 GMT
Saudi Aramco has signed a one-year crude supply contract with China National Offshore Oil Corp.
Caracas (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 423 pm EDT/2023 GMT
Venezuelan state-owned PDVSA began Thursday to slowly boost the amount of gasoline it is supplying to the domestic market after three days of severe shortages at 1,600 service stations nationwide.
London (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 1019 am EDT/1419 GMT
ExxonMobil's French downstream subsidiary Esso SAF said Thursday its two French refineries operated at 85% of their utilization rate for most of last year, with operations having improved in the second half.
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Natural Gas

London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 923 am EDT/1323 GMT
UK wholesale natural gas prices extended the previous session's losses with bearish sentiment continuing to dominate with a well-supplied gas system allied to expectations of weaker demand in the short-term.
Buenos Aires (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 418 pm EDT/2018 GMT
Tecpetrol, the fifth-biggest oil producer in Argentina, plans carry out a large scale development program in the Vaca Muerta shale play, targeting natural gas, the country's government said Thursday.
London (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 1020 am EDT/1420 GMT
Dutch and German day-ahead gas prices were weaker Thursday morning with lower demand expectations and forecast temperatures at or above seasonal norms.
Singapore (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 530 am EDT/930 GMT
Japan's JERA Co, South Korea's Korea Gas Corp, and China National Offshore Oil Corp have signed a memorandum of understanding to discuss opportunities of collaboration in the LNG business, according to a statement by JERA on Thursday.
London (Platts)--22 Mar 2017 534 pm EDT/2134 GMT
The Intercontinental Exchange is to launch the first ever US LNG futures contract in May this year, it said Wednesday.
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Electric Power

Portland, Maine (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 514 pm EDT/2114 GMT
Southwestern Public Service has agreed to sell 400 MW to Lubbock Power & Light as part of the municipal utility's planned shift from the Southwest Power Pool to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.
Barcelona (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 924 am EDT/1324 GMT
Spain's large power consumers reduced their electricity consumption by 4.2% year on year in February, according to a benchmark index published by grid operator Red Electrica de Espana, or REE, Friday.
Houston (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 910 am EDT/1310 GMT
The PJM Interconnection plans to file tariff revisions to conform with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's shortage pricing order, perhaps thereby increasing reserve requirements but possibly decreasing the risk of volatile operations, stakeholders learned Thursday.
London (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 1022 am EDT/1422 GMT
Day-ahead power prices in the UK were little changed to mixed Thursday as weakening wind output and power demand coupled with forecasts for increasing solar output pushed the prompt market in different directions.
Louisville, Kentucky (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 811 am EDT/1211 GMT
Duke Energy Ohio's latest wholesale power auction, which cleared at $50.71/MWh and whose results were unanimously accepted Wednesday by the Ohio Public Utilities Commission, continued a year-long trend of a gradual increase in prices in the Duke Energy subsidiary's competitive bidding process to serve non-shopping customers.
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Houston (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 508 pm EDT/2108 GMT
Monday may have marked the official first day of spring in the US, but the Central Appalachian rail and barge coal markets have essentially been in shoulder-season mode since February after a promising cold start to winter evaporated into a warm 2017, thwarting near-term thermal demand.
London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 926 am EDT/1326 GMT
Profit margins for coal-fired power plants to produce electricity for delivery in Germany next year have rebounded and reached positive territory for the first time this year as coal prices have dropped and a stronger euro also helping profitability, S&P Global Platts data shows.
Perth (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 608 am EDT/1008 GMT
Japan-based electricity generator Tohoku Electric Power had agreed on $80-$83/mt FOB Newcastle with some of its Australian thermal coal suppliers for annual negotiated term contracts starting April 1, a source familiar with the matter said Friday.
Houston (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 407 pm EDT/2007 GMT
Weekly US coal production totaled an estimated 14.1 million st in the week that ended March 18, down 4.4% compared with the prior week, but up 6.9% from the year-ago week, US Energy Information Administration data showed Thursday.
Hunan, China (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 1022 am EDT/1422 GMT
Combined coal stocks held by China's six leading power generators in southern and eastern China, namely Zhejiang Power, Shanghai Power, Guangdong Power (Yudean), Guodian, Datang, and Huaneng, averaged 9.57 million mt over the week ended March 23, down 3.5% on the week, according to a weekly report by port operator Qinhuangdao Port Thursday.
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Singapore (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 918 am EDT/1318 GMT
Supramax freight rates for moving thermal coal from Southeast Asia reached a multi-month high Friday as Chinese imports spiked and Indian coal buyers were steadily active amid tight tonnage supply.
Singapore (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 912 am EDT/1312 GMT
With many in the shipping industry looking at ways to cut their sulfur emissions ahead of tighter limits being introduced in 2020, others are already looking at carbon as another problem that will face them in the coming years.
Singapore (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 1036 pm EDT/236 GMT
An Indonesian government crackdown on a local labor union of stevedores in Samarinda, East Kalimantan is likely to cause further delays to thermal coal loading amid a market already tight for available prompt cargoes, sources said Thursday.
Houston (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 821 am EDT/1221 GMT
Many shipowners will go into 2020 unprepared for the International Maritime Organization's 0.5% global sulfur cap for marine bunker fuels, panelists said at the Connecticut Maritime Association conference as questions remain about potential alternatives.
Houston (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 820 am EDT/1220 GMT
The global outlook for crude oil is strong in 2017, but refined oil product stocks need to be drawn down to increase product tanker demand, Braemar ACM Shipbroking's Global Head of Research Henry Curra said Tuesday.
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Houston (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 513 pm EDT/2113 GMT
Nova Chemical on Friday revised its proposed US polyethylene price increase, informing customers it now intends to raise prices by 3 cents/lb in both March and April, the company said in a letter obtained by S&P Global Platts.
London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 1039 am EDT/1439 GMT
A combination of factors including legislation and measures adopted by some of the largest consumers of polymers has raised the demand growth rate for recycled plastics polymers in Europe to above that of virgin grades.
London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 914 am EDT/1314 GMT
European spot methanol prices have declined to a two-month low just ahead of the second-quarter contract price settlement, complicating ongoing negotiations, market sources said.
Singapore (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 913 am EDT/1313 GMT
The global production capacity of biodegradable plastics will grow to 975,000 mt/year in 2017, up around 1% on the year, Nguyen Nhu Khue, managing director at Lotus Chemical Technology, said Friday in a paper presented at Specialty Packaging Films, Asia in Singapore.
Houston (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 422 pm EDT/2022 GMT
The April US butadiene contract price received an initial nomination from ExxonMobil and Shell Chemicals for a 17 cents/lb reduction, market sources confirmed on Thursday, following the massive global drops in price over the past month.
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Washington (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 517 pm EDT/2117 GMT
Rhodium prices rocketed through the $1,000/oz resistance level this week after speculative investors declined to release metal to the market, forcing consumers in need to buy the metal at higher prices.
London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 927 am EDT/1327 GMT
Atlantic met coal markets on Thursday faced steep declines in Australian FOB prices, cutting prior indicative trading levels for US coals.
London (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 919 am EDT/1319 GMT
It was a flat to lower start to the trading day for metals priced on the London Metal Exchange Friday, with the ongoing strike at the world's largest copper mine, Escondida, reported to be nearing its end.
Pittsburgh (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 916 am EDT/1316 GMT
The US cold-rolled coil price assessment edged up on Thursday as limited-time-only deals lower than $860/st evaporated, according to market sources this week.
Singapore (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 917 am EDT/1317 GMT
Spot export offers for Chinese electrolytic manganese metal, or EMM, on an FOB basis jumped amid limited available material in the market and news of environmental checks in major EMM producing areas of Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi from April onwards which may affect production, industry sources said Friday.
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Buenos Aires (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 511 pm EDT/2111 GMT
Argentina's biodiesel sector said it plans to fight allegations it is dumping product in the US, its main export market.
Houston (Platts)--24 Mar 2017 945 am EDT/1345 GMT
The Food and Drink Federation, which represents the UK's food and drink industry, said it supports the UK government's effort to cut the country's sugar consumption, but a 20% reduction in the sugar content of nine foods by 2020 may not be possible.
Washington (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 405 pm EDT/2005 GMT
Surging US biodiesel imports from Argentina and Indonesia have unfairly hurt domestic producers and should face antidumping and countervailing duty measures, the National Biodiesel Board argued Thursday in a petition to US trade authorities.
Singapore (Platts)--23 Mar 2017 354 am EDT/754 GMT
Rabobank has lowered its price forecast of palm oil for the second quarter of 2017 to an average of MR2,750/mt, or $621.40/mt, from the previous forecast of MR2,800/mt made in February, in view of the recovery in regional production, the bank said in its monthly market outlook note released Thursday.
Houston (Platts)--22 Mar 2017 535 pm EDT/2135 GMT
California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard carbon credit transfer values slid in the week ended March 19, according to Air Resources Board data.
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